Buzzworthy Big Brands - Insurance Companies?!

Latest report from Engagement Labs published by MarketingCharts shows insurance brands (yes the most thrilling businesses) dominate word-of-mouth advertising. How the heck???

Absolutely, mega-sized budgets help but the execution and quality of creative are what make the campaigns talk-worthy and not simply a forced impression during the NBA playoffs.

State Farm dominates prime-time sports audiences using a-list athletes everyone knows and twists on relevant life events – Aaron Rodgers, James Harden, Chris Paul, etc.  

Geico somehow excels running multiple creative concepts concurrently, a totally unique approach which gives average brand managers a panic attack since creative consistency is thrown out the window. Among the US’ largest advertisers by spend, they’ve been executing this winning strategy one gecko, one 15-minute call at a time for ~10 years, a testament to the talent of their agencies and internal leadership.

Allstate wins over and over with their infamous Mayhem campaign that shines during March Madness and NFL. And of course, viewers are always in good hands with the iconic spokesperson Dennis Dexter Haysbert.

Now the controversy…where is Progressive? Hard to except “Liberty, Liberty, Liiiiiiiberrty” outperforms friendly quote lady Flo and Progressive’s #1 #2 guy.

To celebrate the insurance industry entertaining us all, feast on compilations of the best commercials from these big brands…and our favorite from Progressive.

Jamie's 40th birthday bash has karaoke, acoustic guitars, and a lot of shocked faces. His voice is almost as beautiful as a home and auto bundle with Progressive.

The best and funniest commercials from Geico "A Gecko's journey".

Joseph Nolan is the founder of JONO MKT, a digital marketing and strategy agency. He has pioneered digital and social transformations at several billion-dollar brands and is an alumnus of the renowned MA Strategic Public Relations program at USC Annenberg.